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30 janvier 2011 7 30 /01 /janvier /2011 15:27

jasmine.jpgIn a first reflection at the beginning of the protests in the Maghreb, I spoke about a possible reorganization of the political landscape by the French and the United States. I was wrong. It seems that France did not know any thing about what was happening. The United States is a bit 'more, but do not appear to be in control of situation.


Now they wonder: “What can the West, to help the democratization of the countries of the region?” What if, for once, they just do nothing? But properly nothing!




In my first speech on the situation in Algeria and Tunisia, I told about a possible reorganization of the French-USA local political landscape. Inspiring from the accords they seem to have joined to in Cote d'Ivoire. But I was badly wrong. France just does not seem to have noticed anything. Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux was unhappy, according to Le Canard Enchainé, for the fact that only U.S. military diplomacy was ready and that they alone have handled the outcome of the military coup. While French diplomats did not see it coming at all. Indeed, just hours before the flight, the foreign minister, Michele Alliot-Marie, still secured to the dictatorship of Tunisia that France was at his side, and even remembered the "know-how in France on security in Africa." Security for mafias, criminal corporations and dictators ... Bien sur!


So while Alliot-Marie dreamed of a parade of French Para , the traditional guardian angels of "Françafrique", with great pomp on the Avenue Bourguiba, the U.S. military attaché in Tunis was already monitoring the taking of the presidential palace and negotiated the fliying away of Benali.


It's like Tunisia is changing the shop owner. By the way they are changing managers, changing the window front and refreshing the walls. But the domestic personal, and the management methods seem to remain the same.


This is probably what happened at the top. But the streets of Tunisia does not want to swallow the pill without reacting. The demonstrations continue, daily. The clashes are much less than before and of low intensity. But the population has not returned home as the army kindly suggested.


People organized themselves in control committees in the villages and neighborhoods to bloc the groups of looters. From control, these committees passed also to the management of the crisis of food and support to the needy. Little by little, the Tunisian citizen is aware that politics is something too precious to leave in the hands of politicians.


In front of the palace of the Casbah, place of the provisional government, few dozens of people have decided to organize a permanent sit-in. To show their disagreement with the choice of the new leadership team, to ask for a provisional government made up of clean people, not compromised with the old regime. To request the opening of the political field and the organization of free and democratic elections, as soon as possible. After few days those dozens of people have become hundreds.


Meanwhile, the Tunisian example is affecting the whole macro-region, from Morocco to Yemen. Young desperate people fire themselves in different places and far from each other, but always for the same reason: lack of present and no future.


In Egypt, the riots are daily and it seems that people, even here, no longer wants to stay a moment more in that corrupt and violent regime that humiliates them for decades. In Algeria, a non-political mobilization on facebook is turning into a "Front of Change", joined by trade unions, associations, political parties and movements. In Yemen, the students seem determined to import the "Jasmine Revolution."


To justify any future interference, more or less disguised, the Western powers, has already started talking about the risk or "somalisation” like someone call it. In addition to the eternal Islamic extremism threat, "Al Qaeda", which could hide behind the chaos and protests.


The risk of fundamentalism is there. It can not be denied. It is now part of the social and political landscape of the Muslim countries. For this we must thank the Anglo-American alliance and their servants in the region, the Gulf monarchies. They've given birth to it, have breast-fed it with abundant petrodollars, and trained it. Now it is grown enough and it walks alone. It's a tangible reality. It is omnipresent, menacing and ready to take power wherever there are conditions. Its existence is there above all to justify the maintenance of corrupt systems in place. To keep the region in an eternal cultural, social, economic and political underdevelopment. To ensure, to the masters of the world, the control of the land, of natural resources, of water and, first of all, of people's minds.


Now on many debates, politicians and experts are asking: “What can do Europe and USA, to help the democratization in these countries?”

At this point, maybe the best thing that could make Europe and the United States to help our countries, would be to stop helping them. enough, thanks. You helped us even too much.

Stop supporting our dictatorships and mafias, because they would be the lesser evil. Let peoples do their own political experience. Do not decide what is better for them and what is worse. Stop defending them from themselves. Let them run the risk of harming themselves, running the risk of being eaten by the bearded monster.

Maybe, by the way, they can even put the leach on to their mercenaries, their weapons traffickers, their intelligence (diverted or not), their contractors and their security experts and other military advisers ...


Because at the end, that “lesser evil” they always tried to save with these dirty methods and means, always led us only the worst of the worst. Assuming that the goal was not just that.

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